How the Tree of Life can practically help you on your journey through life!

We are all spiritual beings living an earthly experience in a chaotic, unpredictable world. Most of us are searching for answers. I found answers through the Qabalah. Much has been written about it and there is misunderstanding over what it really is.

There are many myths surround it but there is widespread acknowledgment of its amazing power. It is an astonishing system by which you can live your life the way you-want to live it.

For me, it is a living, breathing thing. It is constantly changing and embraces everything in our world. It can also help us understand those things that aren’t so easy to see.

It is a tool for creativity to help guide you to greatness and manifest your dreams and desires. If you are interested in angelic realms, the idea of elements, lost and hidden truths, alchemy, tarot, cosmic ordering, astrology, past lives, meditation, Mediumship, geomancy, numerology and discovering your own destiny, how to get it and much more, then the Qabalah is for you.

It’s not a quick fix, five-minutes-to-change-your-life-seven-steps-to-happiness-foreverapproach, but will make your light burn longer, brighter and with more sincerity than the read this, do that, ‘oooh’ there’s the enlightenment doctrines. It’s a personal journey, designed to recognise your individual needs and wants.