Past Lives


So many people – so many past lives!

Who are you really sharing an office with? Has a common thread brought you back together with the people around you? If you’ve struggled with one relationship could a past life regression explain why? And if it could, what’s the process? How does it really work? You may already feel that you have had a past life experience maybe through a dream or feeling of familiarity when you have visited somewhere you have never been to before.

The idea of reincarnation isn’t a new age thing, many different religions and cultures – Jewish, Aborigines, Druids and Buddhists for example – all believe that our soul travels through a series of lives.We all have our own belief systems and it is important that you find what sits best with you. Ultimately, you must judge for yourself whether past lives are true or not. I believe that proof has to be a personal one; my truth isn’t yours and yours cannot be mine. But I hope you will want to look further into the mirror that is your own soul to see what it reflects to you – quite literally!

Why visit a past life?

Past life work can help you reconnect to that part of yourself that wants to guide you and if you do it often enough it becomes a way to enhance your own psychic ability as well. Bringing back some of those tools can help you immeasurably on your spiritual journey!

Past lives Workshops

Who do you think you were?

Do you have phobias and fears? Ever stopped to wonder why? Did you know that your personal energy can alert you to situations that may originate in a previous life? Who do you think you were? By knowing more about our past lives we can find out how they affect us today and the things we can do to heal our past. In this amazing interactive workshop, David Wells shares some of his own past lives and takes you on a guided meditation to the Akashic Records to show how you can access your own memories. Along the way you may even recognise someone in this life who you have travelled with in times gone by! You will find out about Karma, what it is and how you can use it to your advantage. David shows you how to release Karma you may not need any more, recognise your strengths from previous incarnations and how to ask your spiritual guides to help you out when the going gets tough!