Teachers not Preachers

How do you know where to go for information, to help you unlock the connection you already have or whose wisdom is being shared, not exploited? Here are some clues!

• Those hundred emails a week asking for your cash for knowledge that’s just as easy to access yourself. Why not read “A course in Miracles” rather than have someone decide which bits you get to hear?
• Avoid those who think their way is the only way, the only way is in fact your way and whilst we all need a little help ask if someone is turning back to help you, or help themselves?
• Steer clear of those who constantly talk about enlightenment but don’t deal with the here and now, it’s easy to talk end games but it’s the playing that makes it happen.
• Stay clear of great preachers who aren’t so great at practicing.
• Be aware of their ‘new technique’ it’s usually another way of saying something that’s older than time or using energy that is of course accessible to all.
• Avoid those who offer you a blessing, please; run a mile. You’re a divine being too, hook up to that and receive a true blessing.
• Workshops have their place, it’s great to step out and concentrate on you but if one workshop is billed as the answer to all of your questions ask if that’s really possible? You are a work in progress, find teachers who acknowledge that and support you in your journey rather than tell you where to put your feet.
• Avoid constant workshops on abundance and attraction. Nothing wrong with stuff but is that what your spiritual journey is really about? Abundance is truly about having enough, that’s enough, not way more than you need, which means someone else is going without and why we have lack in the world. Enough is indeed enough.
• We have all had some rough things happen in our life, some appear way worse than others, and whilst that can awaken a need to explore spiritual matters it’s doesn’t make anyone more connected to God, Angels or Masters than anyone else.
• Look again at all singing all dancing presentations that say more about I.T. capability than the words someone has to share; find those who awaken your spirit and touch your soul without the need for razzamatazz.
• Trust your intuition. Always.

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