Stop Blaming, Start Claiming

On today’s walk I was contemplating many things and to be honest all the excuses I have for not . . . not writing this blog, not recording more on line content, not setting up a face to face group in Portsmouth and on line. The phrase ‘stop blaming and start claiming’ was whispered in the wind, Paralda King of Air delivering a message no doubt.

Who was I blaming? What was I supposed to claim? Of course it’s about making excuses and seeking reasons why I can’t get things done that I want to do, other people making so many demands on my time and the mortgage needs to be paid and I am so tired and blame, blame, blame.

As for claiming, surely it’s my own time and mojo back? As a spiritual teacher and writer I know these answers, I also know the pitfalls and fall into them every know and again but as my soul listens and my personality gets shouted at in the woods by the elemental King of Air I can bring it all together and do something about it without blaming anyone or anything.

Is it time to stop the blame game and start staking your claim on the life that you want?


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