Old dog, new tricks

dog-67325_1920Would three ferrets sitting on a rock do it for you or are you looking for magpies in any amount over two? Signs shouldn’t be confused with symbols, they are different things and when you begin to work with symbols you glean so much more.

Our subconscious mind is programmed to respond to symbols, why do you think Royal houses have emblems and why do countries have flags? A symbol says more than any word ever could, symbols work without you even noticing they are doing it. Ask any marketing company.

The colours of your food packaging through to the logo used on your favourite designer label all play with your subconscious, assuring you of quality, status and self worth if you buy their products and it’s not only about the expensive end of the market; bargains are red labels, or blue crosses, plain packaging means no fuss and cheaper prices.

Now extend that and make it work for you rather than against, put a Buddha in your hallway to bring you peace, stick a picture of fruit on your fridge to remind you to eat healthy, choose an angel card and put it on your desk, use your vision board to keep you on track with life’s bigger goals and above all meditate and keep your subconscious informed of your desires by creating images and symbols of your own, avoiding negative ones altogether.

Your subconscious is a great big dog, what you think about it will go out and bring back, throw out only positive images and positive is returned. Woof!

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