Jupiter Moves Direct

When any planet retrogrades it brings questions, ‘quest’ions, a way of helping the journey, the quest, progress by sending doubts and options and few do it as well as Jupiter. He is the planet of long journeys, the ruler of questions and answers and the governor of philosophy. So now he’s had the dramas, caused doubts and made us all question our own faith and beliefs and it’s time to deliver them.

Uranus is trining Jupiter, helping him along, offering some shocking revelations that could alter the course you’ve set yourself, but isn’t it better to have full disclosure than a half hearted effort? Know Thyself is rule number one, this isn’t just an opportunity to know thyself but to show others how well you know thyself, gained from the work you’ve already done.

Jupiter and Uranus cry enough, wear your inner wisdom with pride and wear it for all to see, get out of your own way and let the personality stand aside for the real driver, your eternal and wise soul.

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