Healthy Star(t)s



The diet books are all downloaded, the snacks have been chucked out so it’s time for a re-think. Let your Sun sign guide you.

You’re an active sign and burn up lots of energy in a day and you enjoy competition, make it on a pitch, court or in a swimming pool rather than about new shoes. Dangerous sports excite you too, take care and wear that protective gear! Indian head massage will help calm your mind rather than Indian food that will only help to aggravate your stomach. Just saying.

You’re a strong sign and respond well to weight training, balletic movement is also good for you and comes courtesy of your ruler Venus. Once you see things build you want to do it more, persistence is your gift. Health farms are great to kick start for your routine and with all those helpful fit bodies around who knows what extra calories you can burn?

Doing two things at once and then changing them again means interval training works well for you, get a week with different pursuits planned and make it social Gemini, you do better when you can have a good old gossip. Disciplines that involve breath control are good for you too as is getting so out of breath you can’t talk. Don’t panic you might still be able to send a text. If you have to.

You’re a sensitive type Cancer and might find a reluctance to exercise coming from other people’s opinions so start at home, buy that DVD until you feel confident enough to go to the gym or join a class. You do like home cooking, that’s fine but reduce the portion sizes and remember you’re not cooking for ten. Take things gently, you’re not designed for rushing in.

You’re a winner Leo, at least you want to be so will push yourself further than most but you can be a team player too as long as you’re appreciated for your skill. Dancing and performing suit you too, get yourself into the spotlight, exercise and have fun whilst you do it but don’t try out for the lead in the first season. You’re likely to get it but won’t earn what you work best with; friends.

Supplements and vitamin pills are all well and good in moderation Virgo but you know it’s not just about making sure the right stuff goes in, it’s about expending energy too. Balance your diet with some movement, even if it’s only a walk every day. Meditation works well for you too, it helps focus your most prized asset, your mind. Get that working well and everything else falls into place.

Chocolate could be your downfall Libra, you love sweet things but you know it’s going to put on a few pounds. Exercise has to be graceful and beautiful for you, pilates, ballet even ice-skating, something with charm. Massage works well to keep you balanced, your favourite word.

Endurance sports suit you Scorpio, anything you can put yourself up against a challenge that needs grit and determination so sign up for that marathon and get training. There’s one thing your sign is legendary for that burns calories whilst having fun! Detox works for you too; purge.

Start your year by booking an adventure holiday, one of those two weeks horse riding around the Algarve sorts of things and get training for it. You’re hips and thighs can be a problem area, work with their power rather than trying to get them skinny, they are a gift. Hang on.

Surely you wouldn’t expect to hear any other than mountaineering is good for you! It’s the full range of movement needed that suits you as well as pitting yourself against a measurable challenge; you have to reach the top. Incorporate these things in any exercise routine Cap.

A healthy mind and good attitude towards staying in shape are crucial, use a vision board to remind you of your goals. Positive images of where you want to be, pictures of healthy food and exercise and watch your body follow. Unusual sports suit you, Hang-gliding, windsurfing etc.

You’re non-competitive Pisces so choose sports where you can escape, swimming, scuba-diving, rambling or canoeing, things that move your body and still your mind. A retreat is a great way to start your year and can link your spiritual nature with your physical needs. Get a plan.

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