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Summer Holidays

For some it’s a staycation, for others it’s two weeks as far away from their own front door as they can get but can your astrological sign give you some insights into your holiday plans, perhaps who you should avoid or whether this is your chance for a hot holiday romance? A sign by sign look at holidays, summer love and ice cream.


You love a bit of adventure, you like to go places where nobody else would think about going and if you can work in some sport then so much the better. It has to be physical for you Aries, you’re not the sitting around on the beach kind of individual, not that you mind it just not all the time. Summer love seems more likely closer to home than in a airport lounge, but don’t panic it could be some sporty Olympic fan here for the duration perhaps? Marvelous.


We all know you like to eat and when you’re on holiday you really do want to see just how much you can eat, I hear you, so going somewhere with variety is important to you. Choose somewhere with gorgeous cafes and restaurants for you to dip in and out of and if there’s a spa then so much the better. You’re a sensual sign, so maybe a holiday is chance for you and your special companion to reconnect? Pack the candles and massage oil. Oh, and chocolate too of course!


Variety is the spice of life and you like things not only spicy but with variety, a two or three city destination might suit you or one where the opportunity to do something different every day could fit into your plans? You’re not all about beaches, your mind needs to be kept busy as much as your skin has to be tanned, good books are a given but so are games and DVD’s, Mp3…the list goes on, you might not use them but take them and don’t forget that phone! Learn to flirt with a foreign tongue.


You can have just as much fun out the back of yours in a tent if you’re with the right people, the right people being family of course and you’re right but does everyone agree with you? Maybe you should ask them? Stay at home can be fun but with you around home is portable as you’ve probably brought most of it with you. Look for traditional holidays, gentle affairs with lots of room for quality family time. Romance is wherever you lay your hat, Venus is in your sign so no need to look to far.


Something with a wow factor would be right up your Champs-Elysees, glamour and an opportunity to dress up is perfect and if it’s over the top on occasions that’s handy too! You like five star but if the budget is strictly two don’t despair, it’s not about the digs Leo, it’s really about nightlife and the opportunity to make an entrance wearing a show stopping number, Leo girls are just as showy. Love this summer might be a little too close to last summer for comfort.


It’s not a holiday unless there’s nature, a walk around the lake and some rain isn’t going to put you off, not when your kagool is waterproof and the caravan has a quick boil kettle for a nice cup of tea after your ramble. Kendal mint cake is delicious. Planning a break is as much fun as taking it, but wherever you go you do need to be learning something as laying on a beach is dreary, you have a point. Love is amongst the deeply serious sorts who know their north from south.


Cover you in scented oils and slap a slice of cucumber on your eyes and you’re there, on holiday and hopefully the towels are fluffy and staff Hollywood good looks not too much of distraction. You don’t do camping, you don’t do caravans and you don’t do anything that has outside plumbing as wet wipes are not your friend. Think resort hotels, rows of cabanas for you to lounge in whilst eyeing up the talent, and talent there seems to be in abundance.


Holidays are all about retreating for you Scorps, not cutting yourself off whilst wearing a hair shirt and eating porridge for every meal, they can be as fancy as you like but silence is important. Somewhere for you to re-balance, take an inward journey and for some a spiritual air to proceedings would be welcome. A decent massage and some time to commune with nature helps too, what distracts you are noisy neighbours, bedrooms with lots of light bleed and shabby service. Romance is linked to overseas in August, pack your bags.


You’re the backpacker of the zodiac and so what if as you get older the back pack turns into a suitcase on wheels and someone to push it along for you, the adventurer in you should never die! Sometimes however you read about it more than you actually do it, so is this going to be the year you actually book that big trip rather than reading the guide book? You enjoy the journey as much as the destination, a true traveller’s attitude. You’re particularly lucky in love right now, push it.


If it says room with a view, there better be a room with a view, a stickler for detail and getting what you’ve booked maybe letting a few things go would help slip into the holiday mood quicker? Choose places that have good accommodation at reasonable rates, not cheap but reasonable and value for money and if that means going abroad then so be it, but what’s wrong with Scotland? Right now your summer love opportunities comes from someone who really sees you, warts and all. Kiss a frog.


An independent traveller you really will think nothing of going out into the big wide world with only your wits to keep you, and that will do nicely! You’re not afraid or being on the bus, the train or a plane on your own and relish the thought of meeting new people along the way, eventually leading to a network of friends who provide you with free accommodation for ever. If travelling with family or friends try to remember they are there. Love is all about commitment right now, fly by nights need not apply.


With the ocean lapping against the posts that support your bungalow you’re happiest if you can be by the sea, in it if you could. Fine things appeal to you Pisces and clean lines, nothing noisy, fussy or ostentatious is needed. A good swimming pool would help start the day of right followed by some quiet time reading and maybe some sightseeing later, nothing hectic, nothing structured nothing cheap! For you love is all around, can you feel it? Maybe in your fingers? No? What about your toes?



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                  Summer Holidays For some it’s a staycation, for others it’s two weeks as far away from their own front door as they can get but can your astrological sign give you some insights into your holiday plans, perhaps who you should avoid or whether this is

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