When we’re doing things that take our minds away from the daily chores we all have it’s easier for the connection between our spiritual nature and our earthly self to clear. So it is when I walk my dog in the forest, often having a little chat as I avoid tripping on tree roots or slipping in the mud.

This morning the symbol that was inescapable was a balloon, a red shiny balloon. Odd but I went with it and asked just why this was being shown.

The balloon appears to float free and it does, but there’s no pleasure if that balloon is let go, if it’s allowed to just drift off. The pleasure comes from holding on, from being attached and watching as it follows, gently sways and drifts on it’s string that’s held in our hand.

So it is with our spiritual selves, we can let go and float free but the real pleasure comes from the attachment to our earthly life through the chord that is our soul. When Spirit, Soul and Personality align it should be as gentle and as natural as a balloon on a string, in the hand of a child who wants nothing more than the sheer pleasure of the moment. Letting go is not an option.

Fly your balloon.

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