Altar Things

It’s a great practice to connect to your spiritual self daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and a good way to do it is by having a sacred space no matter how grand or small, size isn’t everything!

If you’re setting up an altar take the time to think about where it’s facing, what you’re attracting and by setting an intention first the rest will follow. For all things Air build your altar in the East, for all things Fire it’s South, Water is West and North is Earth. Of course if you only have space for one altar you can either choose the element you need more of or you can divide your altar into four areas balancing your Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Air is for communication, use yellow, feathers and an athame perhaps? Things that encourage you to speak up, to clear stale conversations and to stimulate fresh ideas when you feel stilted

Water is for emotion, use the colour blue, pictures of the ocean, water in a bowl but do hold your hand over the water and say a prayer, ask for it to clear emotional blocks and let things flow again, if you have some from a sacred side that’s great but it’s not necessary. A cup or goblet represents water too.

Fire is for energy, spiritual energy, creativity and drive, add red as well as fire in the form of incense and of course you will have candles on your altar too. Concentrate on this quarter if you feel you need more energy, motivation or to unblock your creativity.

Earth is for all things earthly, money, good health, security; use the colours of earth like olive, russet and browns and put some salt or maybe a small flower in this quarter. A disc of wood or a small stone works magically too.

If you’re using one altar add to the quarter you feel you need more of and as you sit in meditation or perhaps as you see your altar on a daily basis remind yourself of the practical actions to can take to help move the energy along. An altar won’t alter things all on it’s own.

A central icon, statue or object that helps you feel connected to your spiritual self is a welcome thing but do change your altar as and when you feel it needs it, this encourages the energy flow helps make it your own, that’s important. Very.

They aren’t all about asking for stuff, it’s fine if you want to of course but gratitude for what you already have is probably a better start! Just saying.

Blessed Be x

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