Grand Sextile, Star of David

Star of David

On Monday, July 29th, the planets will be in a rare alignment not seen since February 7th 1945. As you can see it looks like the Star of David and it’s contained within a Hexagram, a very beautiful image and within this symbol there are hours of interpretation for those who want to delve into it’s mysteries.


As with all things mystical and magical, it’s not the knowledge you have but how you use it. On this day take some time out to forgive, to truly let bygones be bygones and to consider what it is to love from the heart, to feel it and to be it.


Meditate on oneness, set your intention to join with humanity in positively raising consciousness and to let go of any negativity in your life. This is a doorway to better times, to walk through it you must leave the baggage behind!


As above, so below.


David x

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