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Unknown-1What kind of Christmas Jumper should you buy for Aries - Pisces

Aries love strong colours, red being one that often represents their fiery nature, but the also love being first so make sure it’s not one that everyone else has seen. They do love to be nurtured so make a big deal of it, how special it is just for them and add childhood memories of trees, wooden toys and snowflakes, sounds hectic doesn’t it? If the jumper fits…

Knit your own sorts do love a good quality wool, don’t go scrimping on quality as this sign will notice and they do like something lovely against their skin. Earth tones suit, greens and browns, and if you could incorporate some scratch and sniff technology even better. They do like a Santa, Snowmen and creatures, kitten, penguins, whatever, must make that jumper soft and warm. Snuggle up with a Taurus, jumper-heaven.

The one they saw on social networks or maybe their mate sent a picture off on their phone, these communicators like yellows and blue, they want to know it’s a jumper everyone will talk about, re-tweet and if you could have a built in phone charger even better. You may need two jumpers, one for happy Gemini one for too busy to deal with this right now Gemini. A festive scene, Santa and reindeer do well but so to do words, they do like to talk.

Here’s the nurturers, the mumsy sorts who want to make sure you’ve had something to eat and are nice and warm, but showing them the love with a jumper is what it’s all about. In soft pastel colours and tones that match their sofa that’s the way to go, keeping it all in house because that’s where they are more likely to wear it. Traditional scenes, snowmen and Santa but make sure it’s easy to wash, not that they will re-use it but they may get gravy down it.

Now; you’d think this fun loving, go getting and gregarious sign would like flashing lights and dancing circus animals on their jumper, but no, they are also a sign that likes fine things as well as a bit of humour. Keep it classy, bold and showy of course but classy none the less; not an easy task. Detachable bits and bobs could be the answer, stick on make your own would work and adds both fun and creativity, something they are famous for. Reindeers are the closest thing you’re going to get to a Lion, that will do it.

A canny Virgo wouldn’t like you spending too much on a jumper, but if you are could make sure it conforms to all the standards it possibly can? They like navy blue and could go for forest green, Christmas Tree maybe, but avoid acid yellow or bright pink and again they are sign that likes traditional images so avoid anything too abstract and don’t do the flashing light thing, elf and safety. Being trendy is high on their radar, being practical is so if it can double as a one man tent then so much the better.

Elegant is a word that’s often used for Libra, could think of more but maybe that’s the best one for now? They like paired down lines and subtle if a little expensive items of clothing, designer if that’s ok with you? Snowflakes across the shoulder leading to a gorgeous detail of a little tree and maybe a pocket to carry a great big bar of chocolate in? Even though it’s supposed to be funny, silly perhaps, it can still be catwalk ready?

Good luck. Here’s a sign that won’t really want to wear your jumper because you said they had to and if you say they have to they really won’t do it and you will get the face, the Scorpio face. Try to find one in black, one that has a simple design and if it’s actually a T-shirt that would be better, it will match the T-shirt they have for being there, done that. An intense sign but with one of the finest eyes for detail and happily, for comedy. Don’t scrimp, quality will be appreciated. Snowmen, elves, reindeer, whatever.

Santa must be a Sagittarius? He’s in red, jolly, happy sort who likes to give gifts and travels a lot, sounds like Sagittarius to me. Like all the fire signs go for the colours of the Sun and if you can get some gold on there for luck you’re onto a winner. Make sure you wrap it beautifully, if you prepare a gift with love they will receive it that way and it makes sure they will wear it as it makes you happy and if you could wear yours too they would love being silly together even more, and more, and more. Over the top much?

Here we have a sign that likes to impress, but not in any new fangled way they are traditional and don’t like to see money being wasted either, keep the quality high! If you can work in some tweed into that jumper that would be good and if it matches their wellies then so much the better, but it’s Santa, reindeer and chestnuts roasting by an open fire for them. Festivities can commence once the jumper is on, just like last year, and the year before. It’s a tradition.

Silver spacesuits aren’t that Christmassy so it’s understandable why you’d need to wrap this space-cadet up in a jumper, but keep silver and icy colours as a guide. Aquarius is supposed to stand out in a crowd, they work the room and one way to help them would be with a jumper that’s a talking point, or better still a jumper that could actually talk? A ho-ho-ho from Santa or some other dazzling piece of technology would be fun and that’s what they would really like it to be. Fun.

The sign of fairy tales and dreams come true of feathers and unicorn dust might want a jumper that’s magical, but it would also have to be something classy, not an easy call. Sparkle always helps but not in a flashing light kind of way, more subtle than that and if you could run to a designer brand that would help too. Not that they are all about the money, they aren’t, but they do like the elegance of fine fit and fabric. Magical is the keyword.

A sweater makes it better

What kind of Christmas Jumper should you buy for Aries – Pisces Aries Aries love strong colours, red being one that often represents their fiery nature, but the also love being first so make sure it’s not one that everyone else has seen. They do love to be nurtured so make a big deal of

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